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The pieces I wrote for the album "Pavilion" were inspired by Blue Note recordings from the 1960s, folk, rock, funk and contemporary classical music. My aim was to record a CD that is rooted in jazz but also open to other musical styles. My own compositions are in the style of songs or jazz standards. When transcribed as sheet music, they are very short, often taking up no more than one page. This is not the music with polished arrangements and a complex structure. For me, the freedom to improvise is of paramount importance: the way a piece is written merely gives the music a certain mood, a basis on which to improvise. The album also features three jazz standards from the Miles Davis repertoire which I have arranged with new harmonies. Piano, bass, drums and violin – the classic jazz quartet. No electronic effects were used – this is an album of purely acoustic jazz.

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  • Eckehard Limberg – violin
  • Clemens Orth – piano
  • Matthias Akeo Nowak – bass
  • Ralf Gessler – drums


  • Overture (Eckehard Limberg)
  • Polyfolk Bop (Eckehard Limberg)
  • Boarding Time (Eckehard Limberg)
  • Lindfeld`s Apartment (Hans-Martin Limberg)
  • Violin Interlude #1 (Eckehard Limberg)
  • Stella by Starlight (Victor Young, Ned Washington)
  • Eskimo (Eckehard Limberg)
  • Pavilion (Eckehard Limberg)
  • Violin Interlude #2 (Eckehard Limberg)
  • Four (Miles Davis)
  • Road Trip (Eckehard Limberg)
  • Violin Interlude # 3 (Eckehard Limberg)
  • Footprints (Wayne Shorter)

Recorded at Loft Köln (Cologne) by Christian Heck.

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